Frequently asked questions

Where is Weißbier/wheat beer and Maß?

Drag the beer icon up or down to select a sub glass type.

Why can’t I set the drinking time to lower than 30 min?

The idea is that your friends get a notification when you go out drinking. Not to be notified of every beer you have. The time limit has also been set to avoid spamming notifications to friends.

However, since the community has been very persistent on lowering the time, we will accommodate this, together with a feature to disable notifications on a friend level.\nWe are working on this.

Why isn’t my favorite drink present?

More drinks types are planned:\nSpritzer, GoaßMaß, GT

Why can’t I/my friends see my location?

It’s usually one of the following:

Why don’t I receive notifications?

Drink notifications are only sent when friend fills up from an empty glass.

Try send yourself a test notification above! If this doesn’t work, please try logout and back in. If still not working, feel free to report it to us.

Why can’t I chat in the app?

We are not aiming to become a chat client, but current options might be improved over time.

Why can’t I send a picture of my drink?

We are discussing this, but are currently focusing on other features.

For how long can my friends see my location?

Your position will be exposed for as long as the drink lasts, i.e. 30 min to 4 hours. On Android, your position is updated when the app is running in the foreground, on iOS, the position is updated only when the button is clicked. There is an I’m going home’-option, that will empty your current drink, and thus stop sharing your location.

Why are there no non-alcoholic drinks?

We are focusing on alcoholic beverages for now. And that's why we don't aim to include joints or shisha pipe either at the moment.

Why can’t I check-in multiple drinks at the same time?

We will most probably solve this in a different way; like showing the last drinks a friend has drunk.

Remember - the main goal is to find your friends currently drinking!

How does the history work?

Once enabled, it will count all drinks, with a cool down period of 1 minute.\nYou can see your history for up to one year. Click an item to see the drink on a map.

Why can’t I find friends via Facebook connections?

We believe in adding friends with whom you actually want to share a beer.

Facebook friends tend to be numerous, and sometimes irrelevant.

What features are under consideration?

Here are a few: